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Hello, I'm Jyoti

I'm utterly devoted to young people and creating the space for them to grow organically, in alignment with themselves. As an author, researcher, playworker, therapist, children's rights activist, anarchist, advocate and all round shiny being, I'm here to inspire you to join the mission as we change the landscape of childhood and education for our kids. 

Check out my book What To Do About School, I have a feeling you might like it if you've ended up on this website. I work 121 with families offering consultancy and coaching sessions. 

I'm currently birthing ESTEEMED CREATIVES C.I.C. - a democratic creative arts & wellbeing community for people 11+ years old. We will be facilitating at an amazing place in Todmorden from October 2023. Check out our FB page hereBe sure to join the mailing list to keep in the loop. And have a look at my Patreon if you wanna support me with it!


I also work as an astrologer and cosmic guide, you can check out those offerings via the Mystical Portal here.

Follow me on social media. I share dem good vibrations. 

Sending you deep love, fellow human. 


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Are you scratching your noggin and

wondering what to do about school?


Perhaps you’re a frazzled teacher desperate to

create a positive learning environment in the classroom.


Maybe you’re a home educator

looking for fresh methods and inspiration.


Or you might just know that we need to change

the way we educate our kids but have no idea

what the alternative is…


Well, you've come to the right place!

I spent a decade travelling the world and visiting radical and phenomenal schools wherever I landed, before returning to academia to explore the topic in more depth.


'What To Do About School' began as a postgraduate research paper and has transformed into an inspiring book to support parents, teachers, advocates and passionate people like YOU to reform the education system from the ground up.


From Goa to Bali, Romania, Sydney, Los Angeles and all across the UK; this book is a translation of formal and informal research woven together with my knowledge and experience as an academic, activist, playworker, support worker, teacher and as a geeky, self-reflective, self-directed human being.


From education and play theory, to sociology, politics, history and philosophy; fascinating theories have been combined with examples of trailblazing practice across the globe, empowering you to take action toward holistic and child-centred education.


Together we can support young people to blossom into the best version of themselves, prepared for grown-up life in the modern world.


I've worked as a therapist for the past 7 years.  

Supporting people to access and transform their inner limitations is something that comes naturally to me. I'm also well good at creating safe spaces where people feel empowered to flourish. 

Combine that with my expertise in the realm of education and voila!

I guide parents to find the right fit educationally for their kids and help home educators & teachers recharge and refine their strategy from the inside, out.

We all have passions and superpowers - I'm here to support people to find theirs, whilst living mine!

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Consult & Clear

90 minutes of gold with Jyoti.

I can support you to identify & meet the needs of kids in your care; to figure out what to do about school; to refine your home educating or teaching approach; to establish a healthy classroom culture; to redefine your boundaries and also offer guidance about setting up projects.


For 1.5 hours, I'm all yours!

The session is split in two:

45 minutes to identify needs and co-create a plan of action


45 minutes to identify and clear what's in the way of you taking those action steps

Together, we can process any issues that are bubbling up related to education.


Includes video recording of the session

& follow up notes.

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One Month Container

28 days of gold with Jyoti.

I help folk to vision and actualise their longings to create amazing projects for kids. I support home educators/teachers on the edge of burnout to reclaim their energy, passion and ambition. I empower people to manifest their dream job. 


This deep dive journey is about CREATING CHANGE.

In order to create big changes outside of us, we have to create big changes inside of us. Lucky for you, I have numerous tools to support that process.


Once we've identified and dusted off that BIG DREAM of yours, we gently and powerfully find and rewire the old limitations and conditionings that keep getting in the way.


You'll land feeling empowered, inspired and shining your light, living the life you were always meant to.


The journey includes:


4x weekly 121 Consult & Clear calls


Video recording of each session & follow up notes

Book a free discovery call below and let's see how if we can create some magic together!

If you'd like to book me for a training or event, get in touch using the contact form below.




If you want to drop me a line and/or keep in the loop about all the magic bubbling for children & families...

Hit me up & join the mailing list:


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