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The Cosmic Quest

21st October 2023 - 18th October 2024

A year long journey through the Galactic Mayan and Ancient Celtic Calendars 

On the first day of the new spin, October 21st 2023, just 10 days before the rebirth of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, you are invited to join Jyoti & Taco on a unique and transformational year-long adventure weaving together the Galactic Mayan Calendar and the ancient Wheel of the Year.

The Galactic Mayan Calendar (Dreamspell) is the clock of the cosmos, a 260 day navigation map, connecting us to the archetypes of human evolution that are constantly pumping through consciousness.

The Wheel of the Year is an Ancient Celtic clock, highlighting 8 key points of astrological significance during our journey round the sun (Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Oestre, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon). Celebrated by Earth peoples for Eons, a map was left on the land with temples that come to life during these moments of solar alignment.  


When these two systems are combined a phenomenal map of evolution AND embodiment is revealed.

This is a seriously special offering that will compliment wherever you are on your self-transformation journey, whether you are new to or well versed in both or either system.



If you’re on the path


You already know that the way we have been existing as a collective is wonky and might be struggling to drop into flow amongst the noise of modern humanity 

Do you find yourself...

Feeling like you never have enough time?


Do months whizz past and you realise you've not done a fraction of what you've desired to do? If you're chasing your tail and feeling like time is running away from you, your relationship with TIME itself might be the issue.


Desiring to learn more about the Solstices and Ancient Celtic Culture?


Do you feel innately attuned to the Solstice celebrations and the land but struggle to know where to go to fully connect? Celtic culture was massacred out of history but the map is on the land and in the seasons. We will be guiding you deeper into the lost history and rhythms of Ancient Albion.

Eager for a community anchor and a family of conscious people to share your depths with?


Do you struggle in your breakdowns and upgrades to find people that can meet you in those deep/expansive spaces? It's easy to feel alone and unseen on this path. Our container is filled with others that live and journey the human experience consciously... Spending a year in a constellation like this brings a very special kind of relationship, that lasts. 

Having moments of synchronicity that disappear into the mundane?


Do you have moments of intense synchronicity that make you feel alive before dropping into feelings of being a bit lost? The Galactic Mayan Calendar introduces us to synchronicity as a timeline we can choose to live on, supporting us to understand our manifestations and relations, utilising everything in our reality as fuel for transformation.


Imagine how life would feel if you were able to follow a map



The Galactic Mayan Calendar (Dreamspell) reveals the ‘waves’ of energy affecting the planet and our experiences. It’s the cosmic weather forecast and we can use it to understand reality and respond to the waves accordingly.

The Wheel of the Year is the map of the Earth seasons, revealing the energies and archetypes that repeat as we cycle around the Sun each year. The map of the inner/underworld governing all that is Earthbound. 



The Cosmic Quest will help you to consciously move through life, taking radical self-responsibility and understanding the optimum time for action, rest and reflection....


Each fortnightly online ceremony will hold you through a shadow transformation and realignment process. Calling back parts of ourselves that got a little lost or neglected along the way and allowing us to blossom into greater expressions of who we are, together.


 You’ll learn to understand the teachings within your interactions, along with new tools to navigate triggers and feel safe in your super sensitive, human vessel.


Living through these cosmic calendars will support you to understand the language of archetypes and feel the guiding hands of LOVE in whole new ways.

As we open, we see the cosmic codes and the parts of us scared to surrender feel safe to let go and be guided into our highest expression.





Jyoti and Taco met through the Galactic Mayan Calendar many years ago. Taco has been offering year long Quests using the Wheel of the Year as a map for the past few years, whilst Jyoti has been focused on initiating people into Galactic Time. They've joined forces to bring their magic & expertise together and invite YOU to join them!

The Cosmic Quest isn’t so much a course as it is a community, surfing through Time and Space in a shared temple of awareness together. 


We are jumping onto an Etheric Spaceship to land in the Sacred Grove for 13 moons of transmissions, ceremonies, energetic upgrades and physical experiences.

It is deeply synchronous that the Galactic Mayan spin and the Wheel of the Year both begin in October in 2023. Our journey truly begins at the beginning ;)


You'll learn, through embodied experience, what each season and archetype of energy means in your life, equipped with tools to dive into the medicine and gifts that each provides.


Alongside fortnightly ceremonies, you'll receive content each week with information to support your intellectual understanding, journalling prompts & invitations for inner exploration and guidance for personal ceremonial initiations to consciously align on all levels with the energies present.

We will surf the waves together, held by two beans that have been using and teaching these maps for year, within an awesome community of likeminded beings.




is the first course of its kind that


Combines the ancient Wheel of the Year and the Galactic Mayan Calendar 

The Wheel of the Year is still celebrated by many people on the Earth and is being reclaimed particularly by those that live on Albion (UK) following the massacre and 'forgetting' that took place on that land. Combining the ancient with the future/galactic wisdom that the Galactic Mayan Calendar presents through synchronicity, we are attuning to the highest timeline of consciousness, IN ALIGNMENT with the natural time signature of Gaia. Super galactic AND super grounded/embodied!



Focuses on Embodiment of Natural Time


Often these kinds of teachings are transmitted as information downloads, the Cosmic Quest is all about embodiment and integrating the information into wisdom. You will inner-stand the systems, through your experiences, within the context of your life. We are using the maps to become more of ourselves, together.

Is guided by TOTO


When they combine, Taco and Jyoti are guided by an overseeing energy - Toto. This higher dimensional imprint has been guiding them into their highest potential, as individual beings, since they became aware of it. The Cosmic Quest has been birthed and is guided by Toto. And Toto is pretty darn cool. Playful, embodied, cosmic shizzle coming at ya, in a deeeeeep and fun way.

Here’s how it all breaks down… 


From the 21st of October, we will have fortnightly calls for 13 moons. 

During those calls, you will be held in deep ceremony in reverence as we tune into the energies we are currently navigating. The calls will include group ritual, shadow work, meditationembodiment practicecreativity and LOTS of nurture, alongside to space to share, be witnessed and hold your soul siblings as we level up together.


Each week you will receive an email with an energy forecast, highlighting key things to be aware of and the themes of the seasons. Alongside information, you will be guided to use the energy for evolutionary potential, exploring your edges, uncovering your gifts and anchoring into growth, with guidance for personal ceremony.




Alongside the fortnightly calls, we will have a private group on facebook where you will be welcome and invited to share your reflections, questions and celebrations at any time. For a whole 13 moons! What a container to have as we traverse the times of now.

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Though we could have charged way more for this offering, we wanted to keep the Cosmic Quest accessible for as many people as possible...



Full Price

One Payment of £500

Save £28



Affordable Payments

  Pay in monthly instalments of £44



Who’s behind The Cosmic Quest?

Taco & Jyoti (TOTO) are your hosts.

Jyoti is a playful, insightful and heart led Galactic Mayan Calendar astrologer, therapist, author, coach, esoteric teacher and channel. She’s been living through the frequency of the Dreamspell since 2014 and part of her mission is to translate complexity and support others to access the magic of galactic time through courses, events and her wavespell reports on Youtube. Alongside this, she also runs an organisation called Esteemed Creatives C.I.C. supporting young humans to live self directed lives.

Taco is an Artist & Urban Wizard, crafting magical containers for power reclamation and deep vulnerability throughout many realms. He is a devoted father of two and has been holding space for men for the past 8 years. Living through the Wheel of the Year since 2015, he embodies its wisdom and feels inspired to share this with others to support them on their path. He is committed to and invested in creating a different world. Alongside being a space holder, Taco also works with young people.

Two very magical beings that have been to the gritty corners of internal and external reality, emerging with ancient/future maps and tools, hearts full of compassion and  gentle, playful & creative methods to support you to feel safe enough to grow into who you're meant to be.

There’s never been a better time for the Cosmic Quest


July 2023 saw us enter an astrological frequency directly related to the transformation of the shadows that surfaced collectively in 2019/2020 when the currently 13 year cycle began. This 13 year journey is about ALCHEMY and humans remembering that we can (and are obliged to) transform heavy emotions into heart portals of light. This year we are learning how to collaborate and build as the mystical beings we are.


Our journey begins on the first day of the new 260 day (9 month gestation) spin of the Galactic Mayan Calendar, which is just 10 days before the rebirth of the Wheel of the Year, Samhain. The moment our ancestors are closest and the veil is the thinnest. Reconnecting to the old ways of navigating time through nature, connected to the stars and seasons, at the moment our ancestors are closest and the veil is the thinnest. The synchronistic alignments are profound.

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Q: What if I can’t afford the course/program? 

A: There is a payment plan option, if this doesn’t suit you then please get in touch to discuss.


Q: Do I need to sign up for this right now?

A: We are offering a free webinar to give you a taster of our magic, sign up to access the recording here:


There are limited places for the Cosmic Quest, so claim your YES soon and avoid disappointment.


Q: What if I’m too busy to tune into the content or join the calls? 

A: The beauty of the delivery is that you can either move through the content with the group, or in your own time and space. You will have lifetime access to the content and all the calls will be recorded.


Q: I’m not sure I’m ready for this course, how will I know? 

A: Feel into your body boo. If it's a yes, it's a yes, even if the mind is crunchy!


Q: How will I access the course/program? 

A: You will receive a weekly email with content, that will also be uploaded to the private FB group if you want to take part in that aspect of the course. There will be just one link used for each Zoom call for the duration of the Cosmic Quest. 


Q: Do I get 1:1 support? 

A: No but personal coaching and readings are on offer for an additional fee if you’d like to dive deeper into your own process with Taco or Jyoti, or both of them together. Get in touch for more details about that. The group will be held attentively throughout the process though, and Q&A sessions will offer extra support in response to the groups desires.

It's time to get EARTHY and COSMIC. To birth ourselves anew through embodiment of HUMAN and SPIRIT.

Navigating reality through codes and archetypes gives space to play with reality in whole new ways.

The Cosmic Quest will support you to navigate your path through the rebirth and dance your way into the Golden Age

Sign up today for the Cosmic Quest and get…

  • Fortnightly ceremonies for an entire year (through Zoom) that will include:
    group ritua
    l, shadow work, meditationembodiment practicecreativity, nurture

  • Deep initiations into the Wheel of the Year & The Galactic Mayan Calendar

  • Rich weekly content

  • Support and a space to share through a private FB group

  • Transmissions and learnings

  • Q&A sessions 

  • A potent container with a beautiful community of cosmic souls

  • A huge upgrade to new ways of navigating life

  • A beautiful balance of playfulness and restorative transformation

But most importantly, you’ll walk away from the course feeling empowered, embodied and ready to light up the world with your true expression

What are you waiting for?


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